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Attention: This is the original Constitution with amendments from the 90's.  The Constitution is out of date and needs amendments or a redraft.  The posting of this Constitution is currently only for referential purposes.

We the members of the Birmingham Blue Box companions do ratify this Constitution and By-laws on this date Saturday, September the 8th, 1990.

Article I.    Name

The name of this organization shall be The Alabama Doctor Who Fan Club, hereafter known as the Club.

Article II.    Purposes

1.  To encourage goodwill among people with similar interests.
2.  To promote interest in and enhance knowledge of Doctor Who and related subjects.
3.  To provide a forum to foster discussion.

Article III.    Membership

Section 1.    Membership

There shall be two kinds of membership, local and by mail.

(a) Local - requires the member to pay annual dues and attend as many meetings as possible.
(b) Membership by Mail - requires the member to pay annual dues and will receive the newsletter in the mail.  Member may also attend meetings if possible.

Section 2.    Dues

Annual dues shall be $10 for local members and $15 for membership by mail.  These amounts may be changed by a majority vote of the membership at large.

Section 3.    Termination

A member whose dues remain unpaid two months after the due date will be dropped from the membership.

Article IV.    Officers

Section 1.    There shall be the following elected officers:

(a) The President shall: reside at all general and special meetings of the Club; appoint the Department heads; and have other powers as provided by the By-laws; be considered a member of all committees; appoint committee heads as necessary.

(b) The Vice-President shall: perform the duties of an absent President; oversee the duties of all Department heads; and perform other duties as are assigned by the President.

(c) The Secretary/Treasurer shall: take minutes at Club and special meetings; have charge of all the funds of the Club; take dues from members; prepare a budget and make a yearly financial accounting to the membership which shall be published annually in the newsletter; and carry out other duties as assigned by the By-laws.

Article V.    Meetings

Section 1.    Club Meetings

Club meetings shall be held once a month.  Meeting times and places shall be voted on by membership.  All final policies will be decided by a quorum of the membership present which shall not be less than one third of the local membership or ten members, whichever is less.

Section 2.    Special Club Meetings

Special Club meetings may be called by the President or upon the President's receipt of a written request signed by at least ten members of good standing.  Notice will be given by phone or mail or in the newsletter.  See Section 1 for quorum.

Section 3.    Occurrence

Officer's meetings will be held bi-monthly.  Time, date and location to be decided by the President with the approval of the Officers.

Section 4.    Additional Meetings

Additional Officer's meetings may be called by any of the Officers with the approval of the other Officers.

Section 5.    Fiscal Year

The Club's Fiscal year shall begin on September 1 and end on August 31.

Article VI.    Elections

Section 1.    Candidacy

All candidates for elected office shall meet the following requirements:

(a)  Candidates musts be at least 18 years of age.

(b)  Candidates must have been an active member for a period of at least six months.

Section 2.    Nomination

Candidates for office shall be nominated by secret ballot and must receive at least 3 nominations from the membership resent to be considered a valid candidate.

Section 3.    Election

Elections shall be held every year at the September meeting.  Nomination of the candidates will be held at the August meeting.

Section 4.    Voting

Voting shall be done by secret ballot.  Absentee ballots will be accepted, however, they must be received no later than two days prior to the election meeting.

Section 5.    Active

Officers shall take office at the next meeting following the election.

Article VII.    Discipline

Section 1.    Notice

Charges of working against the purposes of the Club and/or injuring the reputation or standing of the member may be filed in a written statement signed by three members in good standing and brought to the attention of the Officers.

Section 2.    Hearing

The accused member shall be notified of the action by the President and shall have the privilege of being present at a special meeting of the Officers and two members at large where the charges shall be considered.

Section 3.    Verdict

The member may be suspended and/or expelled by the majority of the members at the special meeting.  The member has the right to appeal to the membership at large.  A two thirds majority vote by the entire local membership can reverse the decision.

Article VIII.    Amendments

The By-laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present at the meeting which an amendment is considered.  Copies of the proposed amendments shall be given to the members in the newsletter one month prior to the meeting.

Article IX.    Dissolution

Should the Club be dissolved, after all obligations have been satisfied the remaining monies shall be divided among the members as fairly as possible.

Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws

Ammendment One

Dues - Annual dues shall be $12 for all incumbent local and mail members.  New members will pay a rate of $1 per month for each month they are a member until the end of the year.  All annual dues will come due after the December meeting.
(August 1992)

Ammendment Two

Section 1.  Nominations

Nominations for officers shall be held verbally rather than by secret ballot.
(August 1992)

Amendment Three

Section 1.  Secretary/Treasurer Office

The Secretary/Treasurer office shall be split into two separate offices.

(a) The duties of the Secretary are:  to take minutes at the Club and special meetings; maintain correspondence with members by mail; and carry out all other duties as provided by the By-laws.

(b) The duties of the Treasurer are: to have charge of all the funds of the Club; take dues from members; prepare a budget and make a yearly accounting to the membership which shall be published annually in the newsletter; and carry out other duties as provided by the By-laws.
(August 1992)

Amendment Four

Section 1.  Secretary/Treasurer Office

The Secretary and Treasurer offices shall be rejoined into a single office.

(a) The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer are the amalgamation of the duties for the two offices as in Section 1 of Amendment Two.

(August 1993)

Amendment Five : Committees

Section 1.    Eligibility

All members of committees shall be members in good standing. Heads of committees shall be a member in good standing for a period not less than six months.

Section 2.    Duties of Committees

Duties of committees shall be assigned by the President. Carrying out the duties shall be the responsibility of the head of such committee.

Section 3.    Heads of Committees

Heads of committees shall have the following abilities in performing the duties assigned by the President: to appoint a deputy and/or members to the committee to perform duties as needed; to dismiss a deputy or members of the committee when the member is no longer able to perform the duty to which s/he has been appointed, or when the committee's function and/or direction has changed sufficiently that different abilities are needed to perform the function of the committee.
(June 1999)