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The Blue Box Companions

October 1989 - December 1990: Doctor Who Newsletter

Editor: Lorraine Walker

The start of the club newsletter.

January 1991 - November 1996: The Blue Box Companions

Editor: Lorraine Walker

On January of 1991, The Doctor Who Newsletter was renamed to Doctor Who News.

Eventually in November of 1991, the name was changed to "The Blue Box Companions."

The newsletter was printed on a dot-matrix printer and any images were taped to a position on the newsletter.  From the hand layout sheets, the newsletter was photocopied.

December 1996 - February 1998

Publisher/Editor/Printer: Kriss Hougland
Layout Design: Jason Ring (from December 1997)

On December of 1997, Jason Ring started the first initiative of introducing a new layout of the newsletter to the club.  The newsletter was created using MS Word.  Layouts only varied during the first year as Jason was trying to create an easy modifiable format.  In addition, a TrueType font was created to generate laser perfect prints of our logo and other icons used in the newsletter.

March 1998 - October 1999

Publisher/Head Scribe/Printer: Kriss Hougland
Scribe: Jason Ring

November 1999 - December 2011

Publisher/Editor/Printer: Jason Ring
Printer: Jerry Bard (November 1999 - September 2000)

Bill Savage was Editor and Publisher for the June 2007 newsletter.

In 2011, the newsletter was converted into an Adobe InDesign layout for professional presentation.

March 2012 - October 2017

Publisher/Editor/Printer: Paula Woodall

Paula used the Adobe InDesign layout.

Jason Ring was Editor and Publisher for the February 2013 newsletter.

Who in Who

December 1987 - August 1989

Editors: Garry & Cathy Brown

The fanzine was published yearly.  The publication stopped when Garry and Cathy moved out of state.

January 1990 - February 1998

Editor: Jerry Bard

After a few months of prepatory work, Jerry continued the publication.

In 1995, the fanzine went on hiatus after the July 7th 1995 issue.  Special editions on 12/1995, 2/1996, 01/1998 and 2/1998 were published.

Who Knows


Editor: Matt Allbritton and Noal Elkins

Short-lived fanzine only a February and March issue were produced.


The Complete History by Jerry Bard (1997)
Edited by Jason Ring (12/11/2017)